History of our struggle

This house in the old Velintonia street (today, 3 Vicente Aleixandre street, Madrid, Spain) is where Vicente Aleixandre spent most of his life. Vicente Aleixandre (1898 – 1984) was a Poet of the Generation '27 and Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature in 1977. In this house, Aleixandre wrote most of his poems and welcomed the most important Spanish poets, writers and intellectuals of the 20th Century, Federico García Lorca, Miguel Hernández, Pablo Neruda, Dámaso Alonso, Gerardo Diego, etc. This house is a symbol of the history of Spanish poetry.

In 1995, a group of friends and admirers of the work of Vicente Aleixandre started up a protest campaign demanding the central government to purchase the house of the Nobel, abandoned from 1986, and to transform it both in the headquarters of the Vicente Aleixandre’s Foundation and in a centre of documentation and study of the 20th Century Spanish Poetry.

Through a manifesto-letter, we gathered more than two hundred signatures of the most outstanding poets and intellectuals of Spain and representatives of the most significant cultural institutions and foundations. Some of these being The Cultural Centre of the Generation of 1927 (Centro Cultural Generación del 27), the Federico García Lorca Foundation, the Gerardo Diego Foundation, the Ateneo of Madrid, the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, the Association of Italian Hispanists, the Miguel Hernández Foundation and the Cervantes Institute, to name several.

In 2005, ten years after our first initiative, in view of the persistent institutional neglect, we decided to organize a gathering in front of the historical house, where many cultural figures of wide renown were present. This action of protest appeared in different mass media, and for some weeks it attracted attention of the Madrid City Council, the Autonomous Community of Madrid and the Spanish Ministry of Culture. However, they did nothing to save the house. From that date on, the Association of Friends of Vicente Aleixandre (AAVA) has gone on organizing different gatherings and actions in order to remind our rulers that this emblematic house must be saved and preserved.

In December 2006, the AAVA received a letter from the Irish Nobel Prize Winner Mr. Seamus Heaney in which he stated his support to our claim.

Currently, Velintonia 3 is for sale and, if that happens, it can be totally destroyed and our country and the rest of the world would lose a precious cultural heritage forever.

One of the most important events organized by the Association of Friends of Vicente Aleixandre took place on December 15, 2007. For the first time, after twenty-three years of silence and abandonment, the house was opened again to poetry in an intimate tribute to the poet, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Nobel Prize. That day, many friends, intellectuals, poets, writers and singers read poems by Aleixandre.

From then on, every year, in June, the Association opens Velintonia to honour some of the poets who used to visit Aleixandre. We've called this cycle, that always takes place in the garden, "The poets come back to Velintonia".

On the 7th of October, 1977, Vicente Aleixandre was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Today, the place where he welcomed the greatest national and international exponents of the contemporary poetry, is a forgotten house ignored by our ruling class.



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